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Navid Dean is the founder of Supreme Finance UK Ltd in Manchester, Great Britain. As a principal lender, Supreme Finance UK facilitates interim loans for a number of businesses throughout Europe, allowing clients to launch business ventures that may otherwise be unrealized. Navid Dean and his knowledge and direct fund management skills with access to over £500 million of funds at his disposal, has turned the company into a market leader in the short-term bridging finance sector.

Established in 2002, Supreme Finance UK has enjoyed nearly a quarter of a century of success under the leadership of Navid Dean. The company currently possesses a loan portfolio of more than 100 million pounds. This includes an acquisition of business centers and shopping centres across the UK. The business centres house over 1000 different companies, the shopping centres house blue chip tenants like Lloyds plc, Boots, Costa and may more. It has successfully financed projects in southern Spain with a partnership with a firm of notaries in Gibraltar.

Navid Dean displayed an entrepreneurial character from an early age. After he left his family’s manufacturing and retail business in 1987, he began a series of lucrative investments. In 1987, he transformed a dilapidated property into a guesthouse, which eventually turned a £3.5 million profit. This acted as a catalyst to buy six more properties and convert them into guesthouses and a hotel. Navid Dean continued the trend of property transformation with the creation of a five star retirement home for the elderly in 1988.

In 1993, Navid Dean joined Empire Trading/World Aid Supplies Ltd as a procurement agent. Mr. Dean assisted the company in sourcing supplies on behalf of the British Red Cross, Oxfam, and other charities involved with development in the third world. The following year, he founded Supreme Services to assist victims of traffic accidents in recovering uninsured losses. This resulted in the formation of Supreme Direct Claims PLC, which continued work in the accident management field on a larger scale. The company Supreme Direct Claims PLC was floated on the AIM market and sold to a private investor in 2002 for £25 Million. Mr. Dean continues his entrepreneurial endeavors with Supreme Finance UK Ltd. Although he remains closely involved with Supreme Finance UK Ltd, Navid Dean manages his personal property investment portfolio and spend more time with his wife and children at his family homes in Bowdon Cheshire and Monaco

The founder of Supreme Finance UK Ltd, Navid Dean has built a solid reputation as a savvy investor and business leader of the course of his 25 years as an entrepreneur. Making the most of his personal background in finance and investing, he created Supreme Finance UK with the intention of providing high-net-worth individuals with flexible, short-term bridging loans to expand their enterprises. Furthermore, Mr. Dean offers investors the opportunity to participate in joint ventures or equity inves
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Supreme Finance UK holds a loan book in excess of £50 million in Europe, functioning as a principal private lender to many prominent investors. Winner of Business man of the year in 2016 he goes from strength to strength. Winner of entrepreneur of the year award 2022
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